Stay Protected: A Guide To Different Types Of Home Security Systems

14 March 2023
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Your home should be where you enjoy the ultimate safety, comfort, peace of mind, and privacy. However, theft, burglary, and trespassing threaten peaceful living and safety in many homes. Installing a home security system secures your home, enhancing the protection of your loved ones and valuables. This piece provides insight into different home security systems you should consider installing. 


Alarms are home security systems with sensors that detect when an intruder attempts to open your gate, door, or window. They are usually connected to a wireless or wired monitoring service that alerts the authorities if there's an intruder in the house. Other alarms have motion detectors, which notify you of any movements outside your home. Alarms provide an effective way to deter burglars from your home, especially when you're away. 

Video Surveillance

Also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), surveillance is another common home security system you should have. It involves installing cameras in strategic places in your home to monitor and record everything happening in different areas of the house. During installation, the home security company selects spots in your home to install the cameras and ensure you don't miss anything that happens. They connect your phone to the camera, and you can see or review activities in your home. You can also connect CCTV to your monitoring device, such as alarms that notify authorities when someone breaks into your home.

Access Control 

Access controls are popular security systems in commercial buildings. However, you can also install them in sensitive areas of your home to which you want limited access. Examples of such places include your bedroom, home office, and home armory. Access control systems have biometrics or key cards that only allow specific people to enter the excluded areas in your home. They prevent intruders from accessing crucial information such as work documents and guns. They are also ideal for keeping children away from sections of the house where they can create a mess or sustain injuries. Moreover, you can also connect access control systems to your alarm system to get notified if someone attempts to access the restricted area in the home.

Smart Home Security

Smart home security systems connect the other home security systems into a single program. They are popular in smart homes or homes on large pieces of land. That's because they enable you to easily survey all the activities inside and outside the house without dealing with multiple programs. They also have other advanced features, such as smart locks, which allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely, and smart thermostats, which enable you to control your home's temperature from your smart device.

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