How A Residential Locksmith Can Help You And Your Family

5 December 2019
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You probably don't spend a ton of time thinking about the keys to your apartment or house, but those keys can quickly become the only thing on your mind if you lose them or if something else goes wrong. Every homeowner or apartment renter should know the number of a local residential locksmith, just in case help is needed. That said, there are a number of scenarios where you might want to call a locksmith even if it's not an emergency. Here's what a good locksmith can do for you.

Don't Worry About Extra Keys Made by the Previous Owner or Tenant

Moving into a new house or apartment is exciting, and you will, of course, be given a set of keys from the previous owner or tenant upon moving in. But just about everyone knows that extra key copies are often made for a variety of reasons. Maybe the previous owner gave an extra key to their parents, their siblings, or their children. Maybe their old housekeeper or cleaning service still has one. If you want to be absolutely certain that you are in possession of the only set of keys of your new home or apartment, you should get a residential locksmith to change the locks.

You Want to Keep a Certain Room Private

Just because every member of your family has access to your front door does not mean they need access to every room in the house. Maybe you have a private office where you keep proprietary information about your company. Maybe you have a wine cellar or another room where alcohol is stored. Maybe you want to make sure you are the only one that can access the room with your safe. Perhaps you have a gun collection that you want to really make sure stays locked down. A residential locksmith can install or change locks on interior doors throughout your house, ensuring that only you and your spouse can enter.

You Want to Switch to a Single Key

Some older homes sometimes require multiple keys to get in different doors. The front door might have a different kind of lock than the back door, and it's the same with your cellar door or some other entrance to your home or property. A residential locksmith can help you remove the number of keys you have to carry on your key ring, allowing one key to open every door that has a lock. There might be benefits to making entrance through certain doors more difficult, of course, but there's also something to be said about the convenience of using just one key.

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