Parent Getting Older and Living at Home? Tips to Keep Them Safe

9 April 2019
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If your parent is getting older but is still able to live at home alone, you may still be worried about them. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help keep your parent safe, three of which are listed below.

Install a Burglar Alarm

You should consider having a burglar alarm installed on the door of your parent's home. Burglar alarms are common in retail establishments, but it is becoming more common for homes to have them as well.

A basic burglar alarm system requires installing an electric circuit into the door. When the door is open, the burglar alarm automatically comes on, and when the door is closed, the alarm turns off. A burglar alarm can also be installed on windows.

To turn on the burglar alarm, the security company will install a switch that your parent can easily turn off and on. If someone tries to break through the door, a loud alarm will automatically go off. This alarm is so loud that it will wake your parent up even if they are a deep sleeper.

Install a Security System

Along with a burglar alarm, you should have a security system installed. This is important because a security system can get an ambulance, firetruck, or anything else to their home much quicker.

When choosing a home security system, there are many things to consider. First, you should consider hiring a security company to install the system for them. The company will connect the security system to them so that if the alarm goes off, the security company will contact the authorities immediately. The security company will install sensors on all access points, such as doors and windows, so if they are broken into the alarm will go off immediately. In many cases, this is enough to deter an intruder from continuing to enter the home.

Purchase a Medical Alert

No matter if your parent is in good shape, they still have an increased risk of falling down because they are elderly. Also, your bones become more brittle as you age, so your parent may break a bone if they fall. If this happens, your parent will likely find it difficult to contact authorities unless they have a phone within reach. To help with this, purchase your parent a medical alert bracelet or necklace. With such a device, your parent can simply press a button and the medical alert company will be notified. This company will then contact the authorities to come to your parent's home.

When you purchase the medical alert, the company will ask for your parent's medical history; this way they have access to the information when the button is pushed.

Contact a security company that provides burglar alarms for more information.