Should You Hire A Professional To Install Your Home Automation System Or Do It Yourself?

17 March 2018
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When you shop for a home automation system that increases your home security, you'll have many things to choose from, including smart locks, video cameras, and motion-detecting alarms. Each of these devices come in many brands and styles that have a variety of features. It can be overwhelming to put together a good system, especially if you want to integrate other home automation devices that adjust your thermostat and turn off lights. You may want an alarm service to set up your system, but if you like working with electronic gadgets, you may prefer to do it yourself. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Professional Installation Is Convenient

The easiest way to set up a home automation system is to have professionals do it for you. This saves you from the labor of installing cameras and alarms. A professional can even wire them so you don't have to rely on batteries or cords that can be yanked out by an intruder. Professional installation is ideal if you want an entire system set up at once so your whole house and property are protected.

DIY Installation Saves Money

When you buy your own security equipment, you can buy devices within your price range. You may need to buy a low-end camera with few features just so you can have basic home security. Buying the basics reduces your expenses and gives you the chance to slowly upgrade as you can afford to add more components to your home automation system. Plus, if you have a knack for working with technology, you might enjoy setting up the system yourself. Some smart security systems may offer live monitoring or cloud storage, so you might still be able to get additional help with monitoring your home. You might need this all the time or just occasionally when you go on vacation.

DIY systems are typically wireless, which could be a benefit since you can place a wireless device anywhere. When you put together your own system, you can pick and choose the devices you add according to what interests you most. The disadvantage to a DIY home automation system is that the setup could be more difficult than you think and that could prevent you from using all the features available. Having a professional ensure everything is working properly and explaining how to operate the system could have its perks.

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