2 Ways To Adjust Your Alarm System For Your Pet

15 August 2017
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If you want to have a security system for you home but you have pets, you may think that isn't necessarily practical. However, there are ways that you can have your security system and not have your pets constantly setting the alarm off. 

Locked Pet Doors

If you have an indoor/outdoor pet, you may have a pet door so that they can go outside on their own without you having to constantly get up and open the door. However, you may worry that it will be difficult with your alarm system to keep the pet door. There are locking pet doors that will work with your alarm system so that your pet can go in and out and the alarm won't go off. These doors stay locked tight unless an RFID tag that is set for the lock comes near it. You put that tag on a collar for your pet and when they go to the door, it unlocks so that they can go out, or come in. If your pet isn't near the door, it will stay locked. The tag can also deactivate the alarm for just that door and make sure it gets reset. 

Adjusted Sensors

If you have motion sensors on your alarm, you may worry that your pets are going to constantly triggering the motion sensors and make it so that you are getting woken up at 3 AM because your cats made the alarm go off while they are using your hallways as a race track. However, there are ways to adjust the sensors so that doesn't happen. One way to do it is to make sure that the sensors aren't set so that they are directly towards the floor. If you have them a certain amount higher than the floor, then your pet walking past won't trigger the alarm. There are also sensors that are smart enough that they can be adjusted to only go off if something over a certain size or weight goes past. That means that your pet won't set them off, but a person walking by would. 

Pets and alarm systems aren't mutually exclusive. There are plenty of adjustments and work-arounds that you can use that will let you still have your security system without your dogs accidentally setting it off when you are out for dinner. That way you can be sure that you did everything you could to keep your family safe and secure.