Be Prepared for a House Fire

12 July 2017
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Many people are installing security systems to ward off burglars. Making security improvements to a home is always a great idea. One aspect of security that many people do not think about is fire. Homes will come standard with smoke alarms, but there is so much more that a homeowner can do to prepare for a house fire. Roughly 1 in every 320 homes have a house fire during a five year period. This accounts for 2,570 deaths per year, and over 7 billion dollars worth of damage. Preparing for a house fire is a worthwhile endeavor as a homeowner. Here are a few different ways you can prepare for a house fire.

Home Automation

If you have installed or are going to install a security system, be sure to include fire protection. The alarms that go into these security systems are top of the line. These alarms will not only detect smoke, but also they will detect a change in heat. In a house fire, often the fire will be secluded in one room for a prolonged amount of time. If the door is shut it may take a little while for the smoke to actually reach a smoke detector, but the heat will start to increase through the home very quickly. The detectors will trip and if you are connected to a monitoring station then the authorities will be notified of the fire. 


When you walk through a commercial building the odds are you will see a sprinkler system installed. Homes that have a sprinkler system are much less likely to go down in flames. The sprinkler system will continuously provide water to the room, but the sprinkler heads will be blocked. However, if there is a house fire, the heat will cause the glycerine blocks to shatter and allow for the water to pour out the sprinkler heads, which will help until a fire hose can come on the scene.


One of the most important things that you can do as a homeowner is make a plan. A plan is especially important if you have small children. If you do not feel comfortable making an escape plan, it is a great idea to have a firefighter come into your home. The firefighter will be able to talk with you and your family about fire and design a plan of escape in the event of a fire. This will give you and your children peace of mind regarding house fires.