Add These Security Cameras To Complement Your Home's Surveillance System

22 May 2017
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When you think about having a home surveillance system installed, you'll often think of cameras mounted above your front door and garage. These cameras are certainly useful, and can both act as a crime deterrent and help to identify suspects in the event that a crime occurs on your property. There are a handful of other types of security cameras to consider buying and installing, however. These will further help you feel safer whether you're at home or your home is empty while you're at work or on vacation. Here are some other security cameras that you'll want to seriously consider adding.

Doorbell Camera

A doorbell camera is a valuable tool for evaluating who is standing outside your front door — or, if you have a doorbell on a side door, you might wish to add a doorbell camera to this area, too. Doorbell cameras are subtle; the person outside your door won't necessarily know that he or she is being recorded, but you'll be able to clearly see. Many doorbell cameras will connect with a home security app on your smartphone. This will allow you to not only get a mobile alert when someone rings your doorbell, but also be able to load the app and check the camera's feed to see who's there.

Peephole Camera

A peephole camera is another valuable device for seeing who is outside your home. It's often used as an alternative to a doorbell camera, although you may feel more secure having both cameras in use. A peephole camera uses a small camera lens on the exterior of your door that looks like a standard peephole. However, there's a small screen that is connected to the camera's feed and mounted on the inside of your door. This screen allows you to clearly see who is outside, but without having to closely approach the door to look through the peephole.

Hidden Camera

Hidden camera is a universal term that describes any surveillance camera that is clandestinely installed inside another object. These are customarily placed inside your home. While a burglar may identify a standard interior security camera and seek to destroy or cover it, he or she might fail to notice a hidden camera. For example, you can get a hidden camera inside a clock that you hang on your wall. At first glance, the clock looks standard, but there's actually a small camera lens embedded in its face.

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