6 Types Of Spy Cameras Ideal For A Man Cave

10 December 2015
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A man cave is a popular room in the home, but it is also a room filled with all types of valuables. Flat screen televisions, expensive furniture, video game consoles, and expensive sports memorabilia are just a few of the things that can be found in a single room. This is why many people choose to focus on this room when installing a new security system. If you want to monitor suspicious activity in your man cave, then there are six types of spy cameras that you can purchase. The design and use of these cameras blend in perfectly with all types of man cave designs.

Docking Station

A man cave is great for playing music or charging devices like tablets and phones. A docking station spy camera not only provides video surveillance, but it can act as a working docking station for the room. There are a variety of docking stations to choose room. Clock and radio designs feature digital displays and speakers. The working speakers can be used to play music or to listen to live radio broadcasts in the room.

A docking station with a spy camera features a hidden compartment where video storage cards are placed. The footage can be captured in real-time or through motion-activation.

DVD Case Camera

A man cave is a great room to display movie, TV, and video game collections. Protect your collection by adding a DVD case that features a spy-camera built into the spine. The interior of the case has a built-in battery that can last for several hours of operation. If someone comes near the camera, you can view footage to see if there is suspicious activity around your valuables.

A DVD case spy camera typically uses a microSD card to store footage. These cards are only 15mm in length, giving plenty of room to fit and hide inside the DVD case. Both videos and still images can be captured on the same card. A computer or wireless device can later be used to watch the footage in high quality. A custom DVD cover can be printed and cut to fit inside the case. Choose a cover that matches similar movies in your collection so that it blends in well.

Picture Frames

It's easy to decorate a man cave with picture frames. Whether it's movie posters, sports teams, or family photos, you can use a framed picture as a spy camera. When hung up on the wall, a picture frame spy camera provides a great overview of the room. As you select a picture frame spy camera, you want to put it in a location that faces a majority of your equipment. As an alternative option, you can aim picture frames towards any entryways to the man cave. This will give you a clear view of anyone who comes in and out of the room.

Wireless Speakers

Equipping your man cave with a surround sound system is great for watching movies and live sporting events. Add one extra speaker to your set-up so that you can have additional video coverage. Wireless speakers with wireless cameras give you a lot of versatility in your surveillance options. You can choose from an actual working speaker or a speaker prop that can blend into your surround system. When placed next to an actual speaker, the sounds will blend in naturally and help keep the camera hidden.

Blu-Ray Player

Another way to blend surveillance into your man cave is with a Blu-Ray player that has a spy cam DVR installed. Along with recording footage and being able to play Blu-Ray discs, the player also acts as a spy camera DVR. The hidden spy camera menu is activated with a special password that only gives you access to the digital video files.

Along with a Blu-Ray player, you can find older technology like a VHS player or DVD player with a spy camera built into it.

Micro Hidden Camera

Adapt any of your man cave highlights or decorations into a spy camera with a micro hidden cam. These small black boxes are about the size of a credit card and feature a small surveillance camera. These cameras can be attached anywhere in the man cave. For example, if you have a football helmet display, the camera can slide right into the helmet area. It can be attached to the side of a video game console or attached to a spot on the wall. The small size gives you a lot of options for setting up surveillance in the room.

Work with security professionals, such as those at Videotec Corporation, to determine the best installation steps for your system. It can often be integrated into a full sensor and security system that runs on your whole home.