2 Ways To Adjust Your Alarm System For Your Pet

15 August 2017
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If you want to have a security system for you home but you have pets, you may think that isn't necessarily practical. However, there are ways that you can have your security system and not have your pets constantly setting the alarm off.  Locked Pet Doors If you have an indoor/outdoor pet, you may have a pet door so that they can go outside on their own without you having to constantly get up and open the door. Read More 

Be Prepared for a House Fire

12 July 2017
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Many people are installing security systems to ward off burglars. Making security improvements to a home is always a great idea. One aspect of security that many people do not think about is fire. Homes will come standard with smoke alarms, but there is so much more that a homeowner can do to prepare for a house fire. Roughly 1 in every 320 homes have a house fire during a five year period. Read More 

Add These Security Cameras To Complement Your Home’s Surveillance System

22 May 2017
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When you think about having a home surveillance system installed, you'll often think of cameras mounted above your front door and garage. These cameras are certainly useful, and can both act as a crime deterrent and help to identify suspects in the event that a crime occurs on your property. There are a handful of other types of security cameras to consider buying and installing, however. These will further help you feel safer whether you're at home or your home is empty while you're at work or on vacation. Read More 

Protect Your Property

25 April 2017
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If you want to make sure your property is well secured then there are a few different things that you can do to create that safer and more secure space. The information you will find offered here is going to introduce you to and walk you through three things you can do to make it harder for someone to steal from your yard, vandalize the exterior of your home or victimize your property in other ways. Read More 

A Few Reasons To Install A Fire Alarm System

13 March 2017
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Security systems are becoming more popular each year because burglaries are becoming more common, but very few people really think of installing an advanced fire alarm system. There were over 500,000 structure fires in the United States which caused about 13,000 deaths and over 10 billion dollars worth of damage. A burglar is going to take your jewelry or the expensive things from your home, but a fire is going to take absolutely everything. Read More